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The Holy Cross Hospital School of Nursing, Calgary would like to welcome you to our web site which is dedicated to the memory of the Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) the School of Nursing and the 2409 Nursing Graduates from 1907 - 1979. The School is now a part of history; the Alumnae continue to work to meet the objectives established in the original Constitution (1931) and the amendments over the years of its continued operation. The Sisters of Charity and the Nurses embodied the spirit, benevolence and dedication and pioneered the paths of good will that established the Holy Cross Hospital and the School of Nursing.

Published on July 5, 2013 Video complements of Pat Jeffery (Class of 1978)

Born into a world lit only by fire in 1891, to its final days a century later in 1996, the story of Calgary's Holy Cross Hospital (and its School of Nursing) paralleled the greatest advance in human technology the Earth has ever known. From Florence Nightingale to present day, this short video showcases the strength, determination and character of nurses the world over. The 105 year life span of the "Holy Cross" witnessed not only the Spanish Flu of 1918 which killed an estimated 6% of the world's population, but also the advent of insulin, polio vaccine, antibiotics, the ECG, CT and MRI scanners, not to mention electricity, learning to fly, the phone, the television, and landing on the moon.

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