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Nuns and Nightingales
The Time Capsule
Unveiling of the Time Capsule
Holy Cross Commenerative

Holy Cross Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae

Time Capsule

Placing the Time Capsule
Dolores Bramall (Tench '58), Rita Williamson (McAleese '51), Barbara Nesselbeck (Barrett '60), Anne Busch (Silbernagel '58).
Time Capsule Contents

Time Capsule Contents

Names of graduates 1910-1979
Names of sisters who acted as Superiors 1891-1971.
Names of sisters who worked at the Holy Cross Hospital 1923-1971
Florence NIghtingale Pledge.
Cross and crucifix donated by the Grey Nuns.
AARN By Laws 1980 donated by Rita Williamson
Holy Cross cap with blackband & gold cross donated by the Alumnae
Bandage scissors donated by the Alumnae
Black band and gold bandage scissors
Herald article annoucing the 1951 graduation with pictures of graduates donated by Rita Williamson( McAleese 51)
Invitation to graduation exercises of 1951 class donated by Rita Williamson (McAleese 51)
Pins donated by Anne Cherry(Rieffenstein56)

  • Student pins
  • Graduate pins
  • Wills Eye Hospital Graduation Pin
  • Provincial Cancer Clinic Pin.
  • Pins donated by Alice Campbell(Phillips66) Pin and pin awarded for High Ideals of service
  • Pin donated by Georgina Leach(Pattison 57) Pin awarded for Bedside nursing
  • Copy of school songs 1918-1954 and 1954-1979.
  • Tee-Shirt (Sharing the Legacy 1891-1964) made for closing of the Holy Cross donated by Lucille Hagel(McGlynn61)
  • Save the Holy Cross button
Contents of the time capsule were placed in the base of the statutes on September 23rd. 2011.

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