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About The Alumnae
Current Alumnae Activities
Holy Cross Hospital History

Current Alumnae Activities

The Alumnae of the Holy Cross School of Nursing has continued to remain active since it was started in 1936. The Holy Cross Hospital was closed in 1996 and is now part of the history of Calgary. This meant that we had to find a new home for our meetings and a place to store our Archives.

In 1982, we published a history book (Nuns and Nightingales) on the 75th anniversary of our school of which we are so proud.

When alumnae members die some families of the deceased alumnae have been giving their Nuns and Nightingales books back to the Holy Cross School of Nursing Alumnae for others to read. Those that do not have a book are really appreciating getting their hands on the book. Both publications are all sold out and a third edition is not in the plans.

Nuns and Nightengales book

The Nuns and Nightingales book!

The Holy Cross Nurses Alumnae book "Nuns and Nightingales" was digitalized in January 2014 by the "Great Canadian Catholic Hospital History Project" "documenting the legacy and contributions of the Congregations of Religious Women in Canada, their mission in health care and the founding and operation of Catholic hospitals". Courtesy of Services archives et des collections- Soeurs de la Charite de Montreal "les Soeurs Grises;; Sisters of Charilty-the Grey Nuns!

Nuns and Nightingales Book PDF format

Some the archives were given to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. The AARN now called CARNA took some of them and some are on the walls of the Holy Cross corridor at the Rockyview Hospital in Calgary and some of them are stored in the Alumnae president's house until we can get permission to house them somewhere else. One possibility is at the Holy Cross Site. We would have to obtain some financing for that project.

fcj centre
F.C.J. Centre

We were fortunate to find a place for our meetings at the Christian Life Centre (FCJ Centre). This is the convent near St. Mary's Cathedral. They welcomed us. Our meetings include a lunch for a nominal fee, parking is included and of course a visit with our classmates. The meetings are held three times year on the first Wednesday of March, June and December.

Our first annual banquet was held in 1995. We ask that a class host this event. Many choose to celebrate their anniversaries on the weekend of this event.
See Events for the current annual banquet.

Palliser Hotel main entrance
Palliser Hotel

The Alumnae was incorporated as a Society on March 06, 1981. We file an annual return with the required attachments with the Registrar of Corporations in Edmonton, Alberta. We have our financial books examined each year and the necessary forms sent to Canada Revenue Agency and Alberta Finance and Enterprise.

A record of all the 2409 graduates is maintained and updated as names, addresses, phone numbers, deaths, and now emails change. We give credit to those early grads that did this with a typewriter, pencil and eraser until the age of the computer.

Our source of money is from the $20.00 memberships you pay to be an active member of your alumnae. This also entitles you to receive a Newsletter which we send once a year.

Bursary: We endowed a bursary at the University of Calgary in 1996 to be awarded annually to a nursing student in their third year of studies. The amount we gave the U of C was $15,000. The market value at the present time is over $34,000. Donations are welcome.

UofC Logo
U of C Logo

An alumnae bursary is offered annually to a Holy graduate who has been a member in good standing for at least one year.

The alumnae make a donation of $500 to the Interfaith Food Bank each year at our December meeting. Many of our members who are present also donate individually. In recent years the donations are able to provide food worth over $8,000.

Youville Society

The Alumnae supports the Youville Society which was founded by Sister Rita Coulombe and Sister Madeleine Therrien after the Grey Nuns relinquished control of our hospital. This is a residential rehabilitation center for needy women overcoming addictions. It is in operation throughout Calgary. Youville Society is named after the foundress of the Grey Nuns order Sister Marguerite d'Youville who was called the "Mother of Universal Charity" by Pope John XXXIII in 1959.

On our 100th anniversary we were reminded that future historians, biographers and genealogists would benefit from an index of our deceased members. This is a work in progress which you can help support by keeping your alumnae informed.

We attempt to send condolences to members and their families who have suffered a death and a card to those who are sick.

Our latest accomplishment which we started in 2007 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our school is a statue commemorating the Nurses and the Grey Nuns. This was unveiled on September 25, 2011. The bronze statues depict a Grey Nun in her habit and a Holy Cross Nurse in her traditional graduation uniform. This area is now referred to as "The Holy Cross Site".

We are all volunteers and are trying to keep the alumnae active.

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